A Guide To important Chainsaw Features

chainsaw features

There are those features that are standard in a chainsaw, while there are those that are found on the best chainsaws. These features are;

  • Anti-vibration system: You will experience vibrations when using a chainsaw, these vibrations can use fatigue, especially when using a chainsaw for long periods. An anti-vibration system absorbs this shock and makes it more comfortable to use a chainsaw for longer periods.
  • Automatic oiler: This is a feature common in most electric chainsaws. The automatic oiler automatically oils the chain and bar. This saves you the hassle of having to remember to oil the chain and bar yourself. 
  • Chain brake: The chain brake is meant for safety. This feature kicks in when the chainsaw comes in contact with a rock or other hard surface. It prevents the chainsaw from jerking backward violently and injuring you. If you are new to chainsaws, this is an important feature to have.
  • Tool-less chain tensioning: This is another feature common in electric chainsaws. It is an easier and simpler way of adjusting the chain’s tension. With this feature, you do not need tools to adjust your chainsaw’s chain tension.
  • Air cleaning filter: The air filter removes debris from the chainsaw. The air-cleaning filter ensures no large debris makes its way to the air filter.