Best Jointer Under 500 – My Top 5 Picks!

Best Jointer Under 500

Whether you are a hobbyist or an experienced carpenter, you cannot argue with the fact that a jointer is an important tool to have in your workshop. This handy tool gives you the ability to flatten or straighten warped pieces of wood.

Furthermore, with a jointer, you can square the edges of oversized or warped lumber. There is obviously a wide range of jointer models out there. But you have landed on this article because you do not want to spend a lot of money on one.

At most, you probably want to spend $500 on a jointer. Question is, are there any good jointers in the under 500$ price point? And the answer is a strong yes. There are plenty of jointers that offer excellent performance at a pocket-friendly price.

So if you are looking for the best Jointer under 500, here I will introduce you to my top 5 picks. Moreover, I will go through some of the reasons why I picked these five.

The best Jointer under 500

Grizzly Industrial G0725-6" x 28" Benchtop Jointer

It is easy to mistake this for a large industrial benchtop jointer when you first lay your eyes on it. It has a beefy build and has the power to match. It is one of those jointers that will surprise you with its performance.

Speaking of performance, this one is fitted with a 1-1/2 HP motor that runs at 20,000 RPMs. It is probably the most powerful Jointer of its size I have used. With this kind of power, its cutter head makes light work of any piece of wood you feed it.

The cutter head has two adjustable knives that turn at 10,000 RPM. This was to be expected of a jointer of its kind. And so is the 1/8 inch maximum cut depth. These are features that I have come to associate with jointers in this price range.

There is a built-in dust exhaust pipe that comes with a bag collection system attached to it. This is an excellent addition. Its rather small 19 by 11-inch footprint is also a pleasant surprise given the kind of power it outputs.


  • 1-1/2 HP, 110v motor
  • 1-7/8 inch cutter head with two adjustable knives
  • 28-1/2" x 6-1/4" cast iron table
  • 22-7/8" x 4-1/4" cast iron fence
  • 10,000 RPM cutter head speed
  • 1/8 inch cutting depth

why i like this model

  • Made from steel and cast iron it is a sturdy and durable tool
  • It is more powerful than almost all other similarly sized jointers in this price point
  • The cast-iron fence is solidly built
  • Is fitted with a 1-7/8 inch cutter head with two adjustable knives
  • Comes complete with a dust port and a dust collection bag


  • It is not easy to adjust the infeed table height, and you will require tools
  • Both the table and cast iron fence are not well machined


Weighing 76 pounds, this isn’t the most lightweight Jointer out there. However, do not let this discourage you as it is a capable tool. It is more powerful than most of its competitors hence why I have given it the number one spot. And with its small size, it is the best Jointer for a small shop.

Delta 6" Bench Top Jointer 37-071

Behind the sleek design of the 6″ Bench Top Jointer 37-071 is a powerful tool that is offered at an affordable price. It has most of the features you would expect from a jointer in this price category.

Obviously, the most essential component of a jointer is the cutter head. The cutter head on this one has two straight knives. These two knives can cut up to 1/8 inches at 20,000 cuts per minute. Behind its cutting power is the 12 amp motor that gives the cutter head 10,000 RPMs.

The table measures 28-1/2 inches long, which is average for such kind of a jointer. With this table, you can comfortably handle jointing 5-inch long stock. This is sufficient for most of the projects you are likely to handle in your small shop or garage.

A 22-7/8 inches long fence is also available. The fence can be adjusted up to 90 degrees. One thing that I was pleased with was how easy it is to change the fence’s angle. Some jointers in this price range can be challenging to adjust the angle of the fence.


  • 1/8 inch cut depth
  • 20,000 cuts per minute for the two knives
  • 10,000 RPM for the cutter head
  • 22-7/8 inches long fence
  • 28-1/2 inches long table
  • 2 cutter head knives

why i like this model

  • The Jointer is available at a relatively affordable price tag
  • There is a dust collection port included that does its job very well
  • The two knives included are easy to change when need be
  • Overall it is very well built and feels very sturdy when in use
  • Comes with a long five year warranty


  • While it is easy to adjust the fence it may take some time to do so
  • Is outperformed by some of its competitors


I rank this as the best value Jointer it is well worth its price and is small enough to fit into a small workshop. More importantly, it is a powerful tool that works well in all scenarios. Furthermore, it is well constructed with most of its parts being built of cast iron.

PORTER-CABLE PC160JT Variable Speed 6" Jointer

The PORTER-CABLE PC160JT Variable Speed 6″ Jointer is one of the best low-cost jointers you can buy. It has some excellent features that are sure to delight any carpenter or woodworker. Also, it outperforms some of its pricier competitors.

With a 30 inch long table, it provides enough surface area for most tasks. One surprising thing about this Jointer is the motor. While most in this price point features a 1-1/2 HP motor, this one comes with a 2 Horsepower motor.

So you can expect it to deliver more power than some of its counterparts. The motor itself is a 10 amp motor capable of 6,000 to 11,000 RPMs cutter head speed. You can adjust the speed between 6,000 and 11,000 depending on the task before you.

As with any other jointer in this price range, the cutter head has two knives. These two are capable of landing between 12,000 and 22,000 cuts per minute. The cut depth is the same as that of its competitors standing at 1/8 inches.


  • 6,000 to 11,000 RPM variable cutter head speed range
  • 1/8 inch cut depth
  • Cutter head with two knives
  • 30-inch long table
  • Ten amps 2 Horsepower motor

why i like this model

  • The variable cutter head speed allows you to adjust it to your needs
  • It is an inexpensive tool
  • Is more powerful than some of its pricier counterparts
  • The cutter head lock makes it easy to change the cutter head knives
  • Comes with a large table that can support up to 6-inch wide stock


  • The Jointer does not look durable
  • It is hard to calibrate


It has some plastic parts that I did not like. However, when you look past its few drawbacks, it is a great tool that delivers on all fronts. It is easy to adjust, and its variable cutter head speed allows you to customize it for your different projects.

RIKON Power Tools 20-600H 6" Benchtop Jointer

Compared to other power tool manufacturers, Rikon is not the most well-known brand. However, the company does have a slew of high-quality power tools. One of them being the RIKON Power Tools 20-600H 6″ Benchtop Jointer.

With a 10 amp motor that delivers 20,000 RPM, this is a pretty standard jointer. Nevertheless, it is powerful enough to flatten and square most types of woods used in small workshops. One unique feature of this Jointer is the cutter head.

It boasts of a three-inch helical cutter head with 12 high-speed knife inserts. It has two insert cutters and can handle flattening boards of up to 6 inches in width. As for the cut depth, it stands at ½ inches in a single pass.

Measuring 19 x 9-3/8, this benchtop jointer does not take up a lot of space on your workbench. And apart from being small and compact, it is also very lightweight. It weighs 36 pounds, which is like a feather compared to some of its competitors.

You can check more 6 inch jointers from here – Reviews of the best 6 inch jointer.


  • 10 amp motor
  • 6-row helical style cutter head
  • Two insert cutters
  • 30" x6-3/16" long table
  • ½ inch depth cut
  • An adjustable fence that tilts up to 90 degrees

why i like this model

  • Is constructed from steel guarantying its durability
  • Offers easy access to the two blades of the cutter head
  • Is powered by a powerful ten amps motor
  • Compared to other models it is very compact and lightweight
  • Has a long table and can accommodate up to 6-inch wide wood


  • The fence adjustability is not the best I have seen
  • The dust collection mechanism could also do with some improvements


This is one of those jointers that deserve more recognition than it gets. If you want a change of things, then this will be a great option. It is not expensive and is lightweight enough for carrying. Also, it has plenty of power to handle almost any task you throw its way.

POWERTEC BJ600 Bench Jointer

One of the less mobile jointers available for purchase is the POWERTEC BJ600 Bench Jointer. The latter weighs about 79 pounds. However, the reason for its weight is its cast iron construction, which makes it durable and very stable when in use.

But apart from being durable and stable, what else does it offer? For starters, plenty of power courtesy of the 12 amp motor that it comes with. This motor gives the cutter head a speed of 10,000 RPMs.

The table is not the only thing that is made from cast iron, though. The fence is also made from this sturdy and durable material. Unlike some of the other options available at this price point, with this unit, you can adjust the fence to 45 degrees, 90 degrees, and 135 degrees.

The cutter head features two blades capable of making 20,000 cuts per minute. At these speeds, you can cut up to 1/8 inch deep. The Jointer can comfortably handle 6-inch boards.


  • Dust collection system built-in
  • 12 amp motor
  • 2 blade cutter head
  • Adjustable fence with adjustments of 45 degrees, 90 degrees and 135 degrees
  • Cast iron infeed table and outfeed table
  • 1/8 inch cut depth

why i like this model

  • The fully cast iron construction makes it durable and sturdy
  • Comes with a dust collection system complete with a dust bag
  • The fence can be adjusted from 45 degrees to 135 degrees
  • Comes with a powerful 12 amp motor
  • The Jointer is large enough to handle 6-inch boards


  • Weighing 79 pounds it is not a lightweight tool
  • Comes with only a 12 month warranty


This is a model that has some fantastic features key among them the fence. It is not common in this price range to find jointers with its kind of fence. Furthermore, the Jointer is very well built and is why it is bulky. But despite its heft, it is not a large tool.

Jointers vs planers, what do you need

What is the difference between a jointer and a planer? This is a question frequently asked by beginner woodworkers. A jointer is a tool used to flatten or straighten warped or twisted wooden boards.

It usually has an infeed and outfeed table. In between then is a cutting head with knives usually two or four. The cutter head is generally flush with the outfeed table.

A planer, on the other hand, is a tool used to make the thickness of a board uniform from end to end. Ordinarily, you have to put a board through a planner after passing it through a jointer.

The tool you buy will depend on what you need. If you are dealing with twisted or warped pieces of wood, the jointer is the tool for you; however, if you have wood that has an uneven thickness get a planer.

Tips on using a jointer

  • Feed the board with the grain running downhill from the outfeed table and away from the knives rotation; this helps produce the best results
  • Before using a jointer ensure that the fence and table adjustments are locked and tightly secure, also check them when in use
  • When jointing softwoods take only 1/6 inch per pass the amount should be lower for hardwood
  • Use hold-downs when jointing wood that is below 3 inches wide

Frequently asked questions

Do jointers have the same number of knives?

No, most budget jointers have two knives. However, high-end jointers can have as much as four knives.

What is a jointer used for?

Jointers are used to flatten or straighten twisted pieces of wood and can also be used to square edges

What size Jointer should I get?

For a small shop, a six-inch jointer will be sufficient for your operations. However, for more demanding jobs you should consider a larger 12-inch jointer


While jointers can be pricey, you do not have to spend more than $500 on one. There are plenty of great options in the under 500 budget category. The five reviewed above offer the best value for money. They are best suited to small workshops and for hobbyists.

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