Best 20 Inch Chainsaw Reviews With Comparison & Buying Guide

Chainsaws come in various sizes from small electric models to large gas-powered chainsaws. The size to buy depends on what you need a chainsaw for. If you just want something for pruning a small electric chainsaw will do just fine.

But when you have to tackle heavy-duty tasks such as felling trees and cutting firewood, you need something with a little bit more oomph. A 20-inch chainsaw becomes an invaluable tool for felling trees and cutting wood.

This brings us to the all-important question, which is the best 20-inch chainsaw? We decided to test a variety of 20-inch chainsaws with the aim of compiling a list of the best. We narrowed down to the following five.

Of the five, the Echo CS-590 Timberwolf was our top pick. This chainsaw is powerful and can accept chains of between 16 and 27 inches. Thus you can use it for a wide variety of tasks.

Second on our list is the Husqvarna 20 Inch 455 Rancher Gas Chainsaw, which is also powerful and can handle a multitude of cutting tasks. However, our top two picks should not dissuade you from reviewing the other options on the list.

Today's best 20-inch chainsaw Reviews

Echo CS-590 20" Timber Wolf Chainsaw

Chain Saw, Gas, 20 in. Bar, 59.8cc

In 2014 the Echo CS-590 Timberwolf chainsaw won the Dealer’s Choice Award from Power Equipment Trade magazine. And while there have been newer models released since then, this chainsaw has remained dependable and reliable.

To begin with, this is a professional grade chainsaw with a massively powerful 58.9cc engine. This 2-stroke powerhouse can deliver enough power for bucking, felling trees and any other demanding task you may want to tackle.

But what got us interested in this chainsaw was its versatility. It can accommodate chains of 16 inches to 27 inches. This means you can use it for almost anything.

Being that it is one of the most powerful chainsaws out there, we were keen to know which safety features it has. One of its best safety features is the dual post chain brake that protects against kickbacks.

What we liked


  • It is one of the most powerful chainsaws on the market
  • The chainsaw is easy to start and provides a smooth acceleration
  • Has a heavy-duty spring anti-vibration system that helps reduce vibrations at the handle
  • Comes with a simple side access chain tensioning with a T-wrench for simple chain tensioning
  • Features a two-piece heavy-duty mesh filter that is easy to clean

What we did not like

  • Weighing 17 pounds, this is a heavy chainsaw
  • Does Not have a primer bulb

This is one of the most powerful chainsaws we have seen. It can handle any task, thanks to its versatility and ability to accept chains of different sizes. Not many chainsaws in the market can match it.

Husqvarna 20 Inch 455 Rancher Gas Chainsaw

Husqvarna 20 Inch 455 Rancher Gas Chainsaw

The Husqvarna is not a small chainsaw, and neither is it lightweight. Some people will find it a bit too bulky. However, if you need something that can handle felling trees, this is the right chainsaw.

A powerful 55.5 cc 2-stroke engine powers it. This is the kind of engine you find on chainsaws designed for felling trees. With such a powerful engine, its emissions must be a nightmare to the environment, right?

Wrong, with the use of x-torq technology, this chainsaw has minimal emissions. More importantly, this chainsaw has low vibrations which means you can use it for longer.

One of the best things about this chainsaw is the inertia activated chain brake. This helps protect you against kickbacks. The chain brake turns it off if it detects sudden upward jerking movement.

What we liked

  • Powerful enough to handle felling trees
  • It is easy to use a chainsaw and takes little time to start
  • Has minimal vibrations to reduce fatigue
  • The chainsaw has an excellent low fuel consumption
  • Its emissions are considerably low.

What we did not like

  • Requires a lot of maintenance
  • It is quite heavy

This is yet another chainsaw designed for homeowners who want to cut down trees. It offers power and ease of use. Thus, while it is bulky, it is the right tool for heavy-duty tasks.

Poulan Pro PP5020AV 20-Inch 50cc 2 Stroke Gas Powered Chain Saw

Poulan Pro PP5020AV 20-Inch 50cc 2 Stroke Gas Powered Chain Saw With Carrying Case

Gas-powered chainsaws are known for their hefty prices. The Poulan Pro PP5020AV is, however, an exception. This chainsaw is offered at a relatively affordable price tag, without compromising on power.

As its name suggests, it is powered by a 2-stroke 50cc engine. This is one of the more powerful engines in the consumer chainsaw market. It is powerful enough for demanding jobs. Surprisingly though, the chainsaw isn’t as bulky as you would expect, weighing only 10 pounds.

Something else gas-powered chainsaws are known for is being hard to start. However, this chainsaw is easy to start. The spring-assisted pull system is easy to use, and we were able to get the machine started with just two pulls.

Stopping it is also easy thanks to the choke and stop controls being integrated. The gas cap that gives access to the 15 oz capacity gas tank is large and easy to access. Thus you will have no problems filling it up.

What we liked

  • This chainsaw has a powerful 50cc engine that can handle demanding tasks
  • The chainsaw can easily be used for bucking and felling
  • Despite its chain and bar size, it’s quite lightweight
  • It is easy to use despite it being a gas-powered chainsaw
  • For the features, it offers it is quite affordable

What we liked

  • You cannot replace the default OEM spur sprocket of this chainsaw
  • While it is lightweight for a gas chainsaw, it is still not as portable as an electric model

Overall, this is an excellent chainsaw for anyone looking for power to tackle demanding tasks, but don’t have the money to splash on a high-end model. It is affordable while maintaining excellent quality performance.

Hitachi CS51EAP 50.1CC 20-Inch Rear Handle Chain Saw

Hitachi CS51EAP 50.1CC 20-Inch Rear Handle Chain Saw with PureFire Engine

The Hitachi CS51EAP combines power and ease of use. It is designed for heavy-duty tasks such as cutting firewood and even felling trees.

With its 50.1cc purefire engine and its 20-inch chain and bar it can handle any heavy-duty task you throw at it. For this reason, it is easy to think that its hard to start it. However, we were able to get it started with 2-3 pulls.

What we particularly loved about this chainsaw was the side-access chain tensioner. The latter allows for easy tightening of the chain without having to remove the cover.

We also love the fact that both the bar/chain oil and fuel caps are tooless. The air filter cap is also toolless. Thus you can oil the chain easily in the field.

What we liked

  • It features a decompression valve that is rare to find in chainsaws in its price point
  • This is a powerful chainsaw that can handle most heavy-duty tasks
  • The saw feels good to hold and is very well balanced
  • It is easy to start and takes only 2-3 pulls to start
  • Comes with a great seven-year warranty

What we did not like

  • The handle is a bit small for some people
  • The anti-vibration system feels cheaply made

This chainsaw is designed for serious work. It is a professional grade chainsaw with the price tag of a domestic chainsaw. This makes it a great option for homeowners looking for something with enough power to handle heavy-duty tasks.

Ladyiok 62CC Chainsaw 20" Powerful Chainsaw


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The Ladyiok 62cc chainsaw is not as costly as some of the other entrants on our list. However, it is still a very capable chainsaw. It can handle heavy-duty works and can match the performance of models priced higher than it is.

The core of this chainsaw is the 62 cc engine. By gas-powered chainsaw standards this is a pretty powerful engine. You will have no trouble felling trees, cutting firewood or engaging in any other heavy-duty task.

One of the reasons it is priced at a relatively low price tag is its construction. It features a metal and ABS plastic construction. In terms of safety, you get an inertia activated chain brake. This helps protect you from kickbacks.

Thanks to its metal and plastic construction, it is a bit lighter than some of its competitors. It also feels very well balanced thanks to its soft handle grip.

What we liked

  • Has a powerful 62 cc engine
  • The inertia activated chain brake protects against chain brake
  • Has an ergonomic soft-grip handle for ease of handling
  • Included in the package is a storage bag
  • Comes with a two-year warranty

What we did not like

  • Replacement chain for this chainsaw can be hard to find
  • Its construction is not of the best quality

If you are on a tight budget, this is a decent alternative to some of the pricey options available in the market. It is powerful enough to tackle demanding jobs.

Factors to consider when buying a 20-inch chainsaw

So what are some of the things you should consider when shopping for a 20-inch chainsaw? The most important are;


While gas-powered chainsaws are powerful, their power output varies. Some are more powerful than others. The amount of power needed will depend on the kind of tasks you will be handling. A 50 cc engine will be sufficient for felling large trees.

The more powerful the engine, the more heavy-duty tasks it can handle.

Anti-vibration system

Gas-powered chainsaws are large, bulky and as already stated powerful. As such, they can cause fatigue when used for long periods. To minimize fatigue, the best chainsaws often feature anti-vibration systems.

This system absorbs the vibrations caused by the chainsaw as it cuts through wood. Anti-vibration systems will come in handy, especially if you have a lot of cutting to do.

Spring-assist start

Starting a gas-powered chainsaw is done by pulling a cord. The amount of energy required to pull this cord varies from a chainsaw to chainsaw. Ultimately, though it can take some time. And here is where a spring-assist start comes in handy.

This assist reduces the force required to start a gas-powered chainsaw. As such, for home use consider a chainsaw with a spring-assist start. Such a chainsaw will only need 2-3 pulls of the cord to start.

Chain brake

One thing you have to watch out for when using a chainsaw is kickback. This happens when the chain comes in contact with something hard like a rock. This causes it to jerk backward and can cause injuries.

A chain brake stops this by shutting off the machine when there is a violent backward push by the chainsaw. This is an important safety feature to have in a chainsaw meant for home use.


It is essential to ensure the chain is well tensioned. To do this, you need to be able to adjust the tensioning of your chainsaw easily. Having a side-tensioning that allows you to tension the chain without removing the cover is excellent.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I change my chainsaw chain?

In most chainsaws, you can swap out the chain and bar for another, on condition that the parts match. It is essential to check what size chain and bar your chainsaw can accommodate before swapping out the default chain and bar.

Why do chainsaw chains stretch?

One of the major reasons why a chain stretches is if it’s not getting enough oil. Another is when you have a worn-out sprocket.

Can my chainsaw overheat?

Yes, chainsaws do overheat especially during the summer months. Proper maintenance of your gas-powered chainsaw is therefore essential.


20-inch chainsaws are designed for heavy-duty work. They are bigger and bulkier than an average 16 or 18-inch chainsaw. Most in this category are gas-powered due to the longer chain and bar.

The best 20-inch chainsaw is determined by how well it runs and can cut down larger trees or logs.

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