7 Best 110v Plasma Cutter: An Unbiased Review

There was a time when plasma cutters were large and bulky monstrosities. Thankfully for us that time is long gone. Plasma cutters of today are powerful, light and portable, not to mention more affordable for everyone. 

As such, the plasma market has something for both professionals and hobbyists. The plasma cutter market is flooded with all kinds of machines. And as a hobbyist or even a pro, there is a lot of cutting you can do with the best 110v plasma cutter.

So if you are planning on buying a plasma cutter, you will be spoilt for choice. And the choice you make will depend on how well you understand the plasma cutter market. To help in your decision making, i have compiled a list of the best 110v plasma cutters.

The best 110v plasma cutter

Lotos LTP5000D 50Amp Non-Touch Pilot Arc Plasma Cutter

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Key Features
  • 6-inch input power cable
  • 60% at 50 amps duty cycle
  • 110v and 220v power input
  • 10 to 50 amps output current range

There aren’t many portable plasma cutters as good as the Lotos LTP5000D 50Amp Non-Touch Pilot Arc Plasma Cutter. The latter cuts through metal like a knife through butter. So what makes this one of the best portable plasma cutters out there?

This is an affordable alternative to most high-end plasma cutters. More importantly, it can handle cutting a wide variety of metals. Some of the metals you can cut with this cutter include all types of steel, copper and aluminium.

One of the best things about this cutter is that it can cut metal without the plasma torch coming in contact with the metal. This means you can easily use it to cut through rusted, painted or dirty metals.

Equipped with the V-MOSFET transistor this cutter can handle cutting thin and thick sheets of metal. In addition to this, it has a durable metal exterior that makes it one of the most durable machines in its price point.




Don’t expect this to handle industrial-grade projects. What it is designed for is small to medium cutting jobs, especially for hobbyists. It is compact and lightweight; it is also offered at a lower price than many of its competitors.

Forney Easy Weld 251 20 P Plasma Cutter

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Key Features
  • 120v input voltage
  • 13-inch cutting torch
  • 8-inch ground clamp
  • 21.5 pounds in weight
  • 20 amps of maximum power output

For those on a tight budget, an expensive plasma cutter will not be on the cards. Fortunately, the Forney Easy Weld 251 20 P Plasma Cutter is the exact opposite of a costly cutter. This affordable plasma cutter delivers exceptional performance at its price point.

One of its specialities is cutting of ¼ inch thick metal. Thus if you handle this kind of metal thickness or lower then, this will be a great option. When it comes to metal types, it can cut through most metals with ease.

At first, I was a bit disappointed with the drag torch technology that requires you to drag the cutting tip in direct contact with the metal. However, I will admit that this technology produces smooth and clean cuts.

This plasma cutter is compact and lightweight. Furthermore, it is very well built with a solid metal outer casing. It can handle being used in many different environments that will put it to its paces.




This is an inexpensive machine that is considered the best home plasma cutter from Forney. It is lightweight and compact. Moreover, it can handle most of the standard projects that you are likely to be handling at home.

SUNGOLDPOWER 50A Air Plasma Cutter

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Key Features
  • LCD display
  • 110v/220v power input
  • 10 to 50 amps power output range
  • 60% at 50 amps duty cycle
  • 23.9 pounds of weight

Another little machine that delivers exceptional performance is the SUNGOLDPOWER 50A Air Plasma Cutter. This machine is both small and cheap and is an excellent option for hobbyists looking for an inexpensive and portable plasma cutter.

This machine can cut metals of up to 15 mm in thickness. This isn’t all that impressive, but for the price, you cannot get a better option. As for power, this one is a multi-voltage cutter. Meaning you can plug it into either a 110v or a 220v power supply.

Similar to the other cutters on the list, this one can cut a wide range of metals including copper, aluminium and all kinds of steel. And with a 60% duty cycle, it is more than sufficient for most domestic metal cutting projects.

With its brightly coloured blue outer casing, it is stable and works well in different environments. Additionally, it comes with an LCD as well as air pressure and over current light indicators. This allows you to view the performance of your plasma cutter.




The title of the best inexpensive plasma cutter has to go to this SUNGOLD power model. It ticks all the right boxes and can handle cutting a wide array of metals. More importantly, it is easy to carry and can be used on a variety of projects.

SUPER DEAL DC Inverter Plasma Cutter Welding Machine

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Key Features
  • LG-40 cutting torch
  • 20 to 50 amps power output
  • 60% at 50 amps duty cycle
  • 24.4 pounds of weight
  • 220v inverter

One of the more recent entrants into the plasma cutter market is the SUPER DEAL DC Inverter Plasma Cutter Welding Machine. So how does it fare when compared to other already existing plasma cutter models.

Right off the box, the machine can be used with a standard 110v power supply. However, with the included inverter, you can also plug it into a 220v power supply. When plugged in the cutter churns out between 20 and 50 amps of power.

This is enough power to cut through 1 to 12mm thick sheets of metal. It will operate for six straight minutes before requiring to cool down. Meaning it has a 60% duty cycle. This is the average duty cycle of most of the other cutters in this price range.

Overall it measures 18.5 x 11 x 13.5-inch. It is thus compact and is easy to carry from one location to another when need be. Moreover, the inside components are protected by a heavy-duty iron casing that feels solid and durable.




This is one of the best low-cost plasma cutters that you can buy. It is suited for light industrial works. For hobbyists and DIYers, this is a great tool that will save you money. It is not as costly as others you will find, and it gets the job done.

Plasma Cutters 50Amp Dual Voltage - Reboot CUT50 Air Plasma Cutting Machine

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Key Features
  • 60-70psi air pressure
  • 60% at 50 amps duty cycle
  • 20 to 50 amps power output range
  • 110/220 v dual input voltage
  • 21.6 pounds of weight

When it comes to value for money, the Reboot CUT50 air plasma cutting machine is amongst the most valuable. As with many of the other options on my list, this is not designed for industrial works. But if you want it for light to medium works, it will do fine.

Given it is built to handle light to medium tasks, it has the capability to weld metals of up to 12 mm thick. However, this is when it is plugged into a 220v power plug. When using a 110v power source, you get a max cut thickness of 9 mm.

This plasma cutter will cut through almost any metal, from steel, aluminium to chrome and iron. And its non-touch cutting torch ensures you are able to cut rusted, dirty or painted metal with ease.

As with most budget cutters, this one does not come with an air compressor. However, this is understandable considering the price. Also, it does come with several other accessories such as the cutter torch and electrode holder.




This is one of the best 110v budget plasma cutters on the market. It might not be suited for industrial projects, but it offers plenty of power for home use. Also, the consumable electrodes of this cutter cost less compared to those of other similar machines.

LOTOS LT5000D 50A Air Inverter Plasma Cutter

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Key Features
  • 110v/220v power input
  • ½ inch maximum cut thickness
  • 10 to 50 amps power output range
  • 60% at 50 amps duty cycle
  • 6-inch input power cable

One of the most versatile plasma cutters is the LOTOS LT5000D 50A Air Inverter Plasma Cutter. It can use both an AC and DC power source and can run on either a 110v or a 220v power plug.

With this plasma cutter, you can cut metals of up to ½ inches thick. Additionally, it can cut a wide array of metals from aluminium, stainless steel to copper. More importantly, since it uses non-hazardous compressed air it is safer to use.

It is based on inverter technology that allows for efficient use of energy. Also, due to its being lightweight, it can be used in remote areas. This is in addition to it being able to cut through thin and thick metals thanks to its V-MOSFET transistor.

The unit comes with several accessories that will make plasma cutting easier. However, it does not come with an air compressor. But this is a component that many budget plasma cutters lack.




This is obviously not in the same league as some of the pricey high-end models you find on the market. However, for its price tag, it offers plenty of benefits. It is lightweight and compact enough to be carried. More importantly, it can be used in many different metals.

Hypertherm 088079 Powermax30 XP Building America Edition Hand Plasma System

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Key Features
  • 30% at 35 amps duty cycle
  • 110v/240v dual input voltage
  • 15 to 30 amps power output range
  • 10-inch input power cable
  • 15 inch Duramax LT torch
  • 21 pounds weight

This is by far the most expensive plasma cutter on my list. And its hefty price tag is one of the reasons why it ranks lower. But do not let that mislead you into thinking this is an inferior machine. On the contrary, it delivers on all the fronts that a good unit is supposed to deliver on.

The Hypertherm uses the trusted and proven drag-cutting technology. This has a smaller learning curve meaning you have more time to cut the metals you want. Speaking of cutting metals, this model can really cut metal.

It can easily cut through metals 5/8 inches thick. While it uses the drag-cutting technology, it also has the continuous pilot arc feature. The latter allows you to cut through rust easily, painted or dirty pieces of metal.

Weighing 21 pounds, it is a portable machine, and you can easily carry it to your workplace. In addition to this, it can be plugged into either a 110v or a 220v power plug. Thus you have more flexibility when it comes to using this tool.




It might not be cheap, but this is one of the best plasma cutters on the market. It delivers exceptional performance that will appeal to both professionals and hobbyists. Also, it is portable enough to easy carrying. Furthermore, it comes with a hard carrying case that makes it easier to carry.

Best plasma cutter buying guide

A plasma cutter’s features determine whether it is worth your money or not. Therefore, there are several essential features to always consider when shopping for one. Below are the main features you need to put into consideration before spending money on a cutter.

Duty cycle

Probably the most critical factor to consider, the duty cycle is how long the cutter can run before it requires cooling down. Typically cutters with a higher amperage output have a longer duty cycle. Since you are most likely dealing with metals of standard thickness, a 60% duty cycle is ideal.

A good duty cycle means you are able to accomplish more cutting within a reasonably short amount of time.

Input voltage

Plasma cutters are powered by electricity, as such you need to plug your cutter to a power source. Question is what voltage should that power source have? Most plasma cutters are able to use a standard 110v power supply.

However, if you are likely to use your plasma cutter away from your workshop, a dual voltage input will come in handy. You never know when you will need to plug the cutter to a higher 220v power supply. To always be on the safe side, a dual input voltage cutter is a better option.

Metal thickness

A plasma cutter’s primary function is cutting of metals. When shopping for one, it is essential to consider the thickness of metals you will be interacting with the most.
This will be important when choosing the power output range to settle on.
Budget cutters usually feature a power output of between 10 and 50 amps. This is enough to cut through metals that are ¼ inch thick. A 40 amps power output is ideal for cutting metals that are ½ inch thick or thinner.

If you intend on cutting thicker metals of more than ½ inches in thickness a power output of 60 amps is recommended. As such, you may have to opt for a more powerful machine.


In some instances, you may have to move with your plasma cutter. And this is where portable plasma cutters shine. A portable plasma cutter will be easy to carry whether by hand or in the back of your truck. Thus if you intend on being mobile with your cutter, check that it is lightweight enough for easy carrying.

Type of plasma torch

The torch is the part of the plasma cutter that is responsible for the actual cutting. Plasma cutter torches come in a number of variations. However, there are three that are common in the budget category.

The first is the high-frequency non-touch torch. This type of torch does not come in contact with the metal being cut. In this regard, there is usually a small distance between the metal and the torch. This type of torch offers precision and a clean cut and is ideal for dirty, painted or rusted metals.

Drag technology is different from high-frequency non-touch as with this type of torch you actually touch the metal. Drag technology torches are ideal for cutting intricate and decorative lines on metals.

Touch start is typical among low priced plasma cutters. This type of torch touches the metal but has to be lifted up. This type of torch can be challenging to work with, and its only benefit is that cutters that use it are very cheap.

The type of torch you opt for will depend on the cutting task at hand. For decorative or intricate cuts, I recommend drag technology torches. On the other hand, high-frequency non-touch torch will be ideal for general cutting of rusted, painted or dirty metals.


Plasma cutters really prove their worth when you need to cut any kind of metal. These tools are easy to use and can be used on a wide array of metals. Furthermore, the best 110v plasma cutter can be used on rusted, dirty or painted metals.

When shopping for one, it is essential to keep in mind all the features mentioned above. Also, it is essential to remember that 110v plasma cutters are not suited for industrial works. But if you want a plasma cutter for your small home workshop, you cannot go wrong with the best 110v budget plasma cutter.