Best 10 Inch Table Saw – Our Top 4 Picks

A table saw needs to be reliable, long-lasting, and, most importantly, affordable. With some table saw models costing as much as $1000, finding one that ticks all the right boxes can be tricky. 

Things get even more challenging if you are looking for a portable and lightweight table saws. After all, table saws are generally not the most lightweight power tools out there. All the same, there is a decent selection of portable table saws on the market.

Most of which are 10 inch table saws. That being said, the best 10 inch table saw needs to be portable, long-lasting, heavy-duty, and sufficiently powerful. These are the criteria we used in selecting our top 5 best 10 inch tables saw picks. 

All the table saws on our list will serve you well. But if we had to choose our all-time favorite from the list, we would have to go with the Skil 3410-02. This is an inexpensive saw that offers all the features you need from a table saw.

The DEWALT DW745 follows closely at number two and is only beaten to the top spot due to its plastic top plate. 

Comparison Of Today’s Top 10 Inch Table Saws

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Today’s 4 Best 10 Inch Table Saws Reviews

SKIL 3410-02 10-Inch Table Saw with Folding Stand

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Key Features

  • 120v voltage
  • 15 amp direct-drive motor
  • 10-inch carbide tooth blade
  • No-load 5000 RPM blade speed
  • 28.9 x 20.9 x 13 inches dimensions

Product overview

Targeted at the budget-conscious buyer, the Skil 3410-02 table saw with folding stand has many perks. Two of which are portability and convenience. The foldable steel stand comes in handy when you need to move the table from one location to another.

At the top, it sports a 20 x 26-inch cast aluminum table top and weighs about 45 pounds. Compared to other table saws, this one is quite lightweight. Also, it has onboard storage that makes storing accessories easy.

When it comes to power, this churns out plenty of power for the average user. It is powered by a 15 amp motor and has a no-load speed of 5000 RPM. It is more than capable of shredding through small to medium-sized pieces of material.

It is equipped with a standard 10-inch carbide tooth blade. As for its rip capacity, thanks to its extensions it can manage a maximum rip capacity of 24 ¼ inches/

What we liked

  • Compared to some of the other saws on the list this is quite affordable
  • With its foldable stand, it is stable while being highly portable
  • Overall we found this table saw to be easy to use
  • For its price, it is a pretty powerful table saw
  • Produces precise and accurate cuts

Things we didn’t like

  • This model does not come with a dust collection port
  • We found the miter gauge to have a poor design

Our verdict

When it comes to price to performance ration, this is one of the best. It is priced at an affordable price and is designed primarily for DIY woodworkers. It has many of the features you would expect from a table saw with some extra additions.

DEWALT DW745 10-Inch Table Saw

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Key Features

  • 15 amp motor
  • 24 tooth 10-inch blade
  • 25.8 x 26.5 x 13.9 inches dimensions
  • 15-inch dust collection port
  • Overload protection

Product overview

As mentioned earlier, table saws are not known for their portability. Thus compared to other table saws, the Dewalt’s DW745 45-pound weight is quite manageable. However, this isn’t the only good thing about this table saw.

The overall design of this table saw is basic and offers everything you need to get started. One of its notable features is the tool-less adjusting system. You can adjust almost everything in this table saw without the need for any tools.

Its 10-inch blade is powered by a 15 amp motor that delivers 3850 RPMs, which is quite impressive. We had no problems cutting hardwoods, processed beams, and even pressure-treated planks.

Another notable feature of the saw is its ability to tilt. The blade can tilt at 45-degree angle and 90-degree angle. At 45 degree angle, you can comfortably achieve a 2.25 inch deep cut. When tilted at an angle of 90 degrees, it can achieve a cut of 3.13 inches deep.

What we liked

  • Compared to other models we have used this one was relatively more lightweight
  • Thanks to it being lightweight it is portable and can easily be moved around in a job site
  • There is a five-inch dust collection port that helps keep your work area clean
  • The rip fence is easy to adjust, which improves performance and speed
  • It is a powerful saw capable of handling small to medium-sized projects with ease

Things we didn’t like

  • Has a plastic top plate, meaning it’s less durable than other models
  • This table saw was a bit too noisy for our liking

Our verdict

There are a few things we didn’t like about this saw. However, overall, it was a great piece of sawing equipment. It has a portable design and can handle a wide variety of cutting tasks with ease. This saw is ideal for carpenters, flooring experts. It is the best 10-inch portable table saw.

Bosch Power Tools 4100-10 Tablesaw

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Key Features

  • 3650 RPM blade speed
  • 2.5-inch dust collection port
  • 14 amp 4.0 max horsepower motor
  • 25 inches max right RIP capacity
  • 26 ¼ x 22 inches dimensions

Product overview

The Bosch 4100-10 is an upgrade from the massively popular 4100-09 model. So we were excited to test this model out. Similar to its predecessor, this model combined power, performance, and lightweight design.

The result is one of the most powerful portable table saws out there. It had no problems cutting through thick oak and flimsy oversized plywood. Largely thanks to its 15 amp motor that churns out 4.0 max horsepower.

Its 10-inch blade rotates at speeds of up to 3650 RPM. On top, it boasts a large cast aluminum top with a coated finish. With it, you get a right side rip capacity of 25 inches. As such, it is suitable for most Jobsite cutting tasks.

As for its RP fence, it’s a square lock fence that allows for precision and superior clamping. There is also a riving knife and anti-kickback pawls that protect against kickbacks.

What we liked

  • The included miter gauge is heavier and longer and is of a better quality that most out of the box miter gauges we have used.
  • It has one of the most powerful motors we have seen on a portable table saw and easily cuts through thick oak and other woods
  • The RIP capacity of this saw is large for a portable table saw
  • Weighing about 92 pounds, it is quite lightweight compared to other larger models
  • This table saw is compatible with dado blades

Things we didn’t like

  • The surface top of this saw is rather small especially the area between the front and the blade
  • The RIP fence was a bit challenging to adjust

Our verdict

This has to be the best portable table saw in its price range. It has a lot of features that give it an edge over the competition. More importantly, it offers the right balance between power, performance, and portability.

Shop Fox W1819 3 HP 10-Inch Table Saw with Riving Knife

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Key Features

  • 3HP motor
  • 4-inch dust port
  • T-slot miter gauge
  • 536 pounds weight
  • Thermal overload protection
  • 67 x 46.5 x 30 inches dimensions

Product overview

Quality comes at a premium cost. And this is definitely true of the Shop Fox W1819 3 HP table saw. The most expensive table saw on the list by a big margin, it outperforms all the others on the list. However, its hefty price tag may make it out of the reach of most, hence its position on the list.

Nonetheless, if you have the money, this is a product we highly recommend. This is not a portable saw and offers plenty of space for large pieces of wood. Its tabletop sits atop a sturdy base that is both durable and stable.

Such a pricey model needs to be paired with a powerful motor. And its 3HP motor does not disappoint. It delivers plenty of power to cut through thick pieces of wood. It also features a T-glide fence that contributes to precise and accurate cuts.

The included miter fence is one of the best we have seen on a table saw. You can tilt the blade to the left at an angle of 45 degrees. Making it suitable for bevel cutting.

What we liked

  • This table saw has a very powerful and quiet motor
  • The 4-inch dust collection port is an excellent addition to the table saw
  • It produces smooth and precise cuts
  • Offers a large surface area at the top to accommodate cutting larger pieces of wood
  • Comes with an exceptional miter fence and is capable of bevel cuts

Things we didn’t like

  • For a DIYer, this is quite a pricey option
  • It requires assembly and fine-tuning before use

Our verdict

So is it worth the hefty price tag? This is a table saw that will appeal more to professional contractors. It is very well made and has plenty of space to handle all kinds of cutting tasks. Additionally, it offers plenty of power for heavy-duty tasks.

Best 10-inch Table Saw Buying Guide

Note: Before reading how to buy best 10 inch table we would like to do a quick heads up! If you are interested in hybrid table saw under 1000 price range then read the review from here – Best hybrid table saw under 1000 dollars.

Power is probably the most essential thing to consider when shopping for a table saw. A saw needs to be powerful enough to cut through hardwoods. However, other features can help you identify the best 10-inch table saw.

The motor

The source of a table saw’s power is the motor. As such, it is an vital feature to consider. Some table saws have powerful motors generating up to 5 Horsepower. However, if a portable table saw is what you are after, this may be beyond your needs.

The best-rated 10-inch table saw will typically have a direct-drive motor that churns out between 2 to 3 Horsepower. Such an engine is sufficient for most small to medium tasks that the 10-inch portable saw is designed for.

RIP fence

The purpose of the RIP fence is to provide a cutting guide. Thus without it you it will be impossible to make accurate cuts. A good 10 inch table saw should have a standard T-square fence.

It offers cutting accuracy and is sufficient for average use. Ease of use when it comes to the RIP fence is another important factor to consider. Essentially, the RIP fence should be easy to adjust.

Miter gauge

While table saws are used primarily for making straight cuts, with the addition of the miter gauge they can make angled cuts. Most saws have a miter gauge that tilts from 45 degrees to 90 degrees.

A standard miter gauge is better than a proprietary gauge. The reason being that a standard miter gauge will give you the ability to add accessories such as slots.

The on/off switch

It may not seem like an important component to consider but it is. The design and position of these switches matter. Ideally you want a saw whose on switch is not too big and it’s off switch is large.

A larger off switch means it is easier to shut off a saw incase of an emergency. A smaller on switch means less chance of accidental turning on of the machine.


If you have various accessories you use with your table saw, inbuilt storage may be another important thing to consider. Inbuilt storage allows for easy and convenient storage of accessories in the saw.

This is an important feature as it allows for everything to be stored in one place.

Safety features

Like all other power tools, table saws present several dangers, top among them a kickback. Kickback occurs when wood binds to the table. This can result in serious injury. To protect yourself, only invest in table saws with safety features.

Features such as anti-kickback pawls and riving knives reduce the danger of injury in case of a kickback. This is of great importance, especially if you have little experience with table saws.

Dust port

The dust port helps in the management of dust that may accumulate due to woodcutting. Most table saws have a dust port. And while some lack this feature, it is recommended to purchase a saw with it.

Frequently Asked Questions


There is a wide variety of table saw options available in the market. Some are large, bulky, and expensive. However, these are mainly reserved for professional contractors. If you are a do-it-yourself kind of person, a portable 10-inch table saw is ideal.

Most of these table saws are designed for home use and come at a relatively affordable price tag. However, not all saws are the best 10-inch table saw. To find the right saw, you will need to consider the features highlighted above.